Irish Dance Company
Irish Dance Company was founded in 2001 and specialises in the very best of Irish entertainment in the form of modern and traditional Irish Dance. We have a troupe of 50 dancers and a professional management team coordinated by Darryl Walsh
The Typical Show
The typical performance lasts just over 30 minutes and consists of a broad variety of irish dances and styles. The show requires a minimum of 3 dancers to allow time for costume changes and is normally performed to a backing track.
The Custom Show
We are happy to design a show to meet your specific needs. We have a troupe of 50 top quality dancers. So whether it is modern or the more traditional Irish Dance the performance can be choreographed to suit your specific preferences.
Irish Dance Company Dress

About Us

The Irish Dance Company owes its origin to the fact that so many people loved Irish Dancing at the numerous large charity functions where specially choreographed pieces by The Irish Dance Company (choreographer Bernadette Downey Lanigan A.D.C.R.G.of the Downey Lanigan academy of Dance) were performed.

There is a constant flow of dancers passing through the troupe as many of them are working in Celtic Tiger, Lord of The Dance and River dance. Their years of rigorous training are evident in every perfectly paced spin, leap and click, making them a lethal powerhouse of speed and sound that has electrified audiences. The result is a thoroughly fresh and engaging artistic vision that goes beyond the source without losing touch with its essence.

The Irish Dance Company holds a unique place in the dance world, offering both a highly skilled presentation of traditional Irish step dance and a brilliantly engaging interpretation of a contemporary world vision.

The show is managed by Darryl Walsh who lends the professional touch to bookings and all aspects of the business. Darryl also manages a successful entertainment businesses supplying DJ's and Bands to some of Dublin's top venues.